Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions Report and 2014 Plans

Before I list out my new resolutions, I should probably give a report on how 2013 went.  The truth is, pretty darned good.

1. Do one major good deed per month. - Done

2. Once per week, do something small to make someone have a better day. - Done

3. Lose 25 pounds. - Done

4. Finish Finding Jessie rough draft. - Not Done

5. Get an A in a college course. - Done

6. Improve my professional performance to meet specific goals. - Done on all four counts.

7. Reach out to one person each month on Facebook, letting them know what an impact they have had on my life and how much I appreciate what they did. - Done

8. Exercise regularly and improve muscle tone. - Not Done

Well, now.  That wasn't too awful.  I managed to kick the good deed quotas easily and am really proud of the A in Political Science.  I had to put Finding Jessie on hold because school came up and took way more time than I expected.  I had to prioritize, and writing was put on the back burner while I got a grip on my nemesis, algebra.  I'm not letting myself off the hook for my failures but I'll take pride in what I managed to accomplish while seriously overwhelmed.

This year I am focusing more on school and writing, and letting myself take a light year on the resolutions.  I'm going to pick a few that are specific and fit in with the work I'll be doing, so I can still improve myself without having to reinvent the wheel or change directions from what I am working on.  Wish me luck, and expect the occasional update on my progress.

2014 Resolutions

1. Once per month, do a good deed for friend or stranger.  Doesn't have to be life altering but must do considerable good for the person.  Deed is to be done anonymously at least nine of twelve times.

2.  Get published once per month in the Springfield News-Leader op/ed section.

3.  Twice monthly, publish a political article for one of my regulars (Zandar VTS, ABLC or TWiB).

4.  Get one piece of fiction published through a brand new publisher.

5.  Lose 20 pounds.

6.  Professional goal set but cannot be listed here because of job privacy and a little thing called common sense.  However, on the honor system I will monitor and report my progress on this resolution.

That's it for this year.  Between working full-time, going to school and writing, I think it's reasonable to take it easy once and get ahead.

If there is one overall theme to what I want to do this year, it's to make memories and learn as much as I can.  In school, at work, in life.  I hope all of you have a wonderful 2014, and if you make resolutions that you make your goals.